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Top Gluten Free Eats in Seattle

August 9, 2019

On our first edition of Gluten Free travels, we visit the wonderful city of Seattle. It’s surprising and pleasant all at once to see how gluten free friendly the Pacific Northwest is! Below you can find a short list of the places we visited and the items we enjoyed. This is not to say that these are the only gluten free places in Seattle (as there are quite a few), but these were the ones we chose to explore:

Biscuit Bitch:

Biscuit Bitch’s motto is “Trailer Park to Table.” This Seattle staple serves up hefty portions of southern hospitality all the while being gluten free conscious. Offering homemade Gluten Free biscuits and a Gluten Free Shiitake Mushroom Gravy all topped with your choice of eggs, bacon, and/or grits. We ordered their best seller, the Gritty Scrambled Cheesy Bitch (with extra bacon) with the seasonally delicious Dirty Pumpkin Chai.

For the full menu click here.

Portage Bay Cafe:

Their slogan is “Eat like you give a damn” because they pride themselves in exclusively using local, organic, and sustainable produce. Many gluten free options to be had like their home made French Toast, omelets, and Swedish pancakes. Portage Bay Café’s menu is so varied, it’s no wonder their weekends are always packed; we highly recommend making a reservation as. We kept it simple this time and ordered some Swedish Pancakes, paired with two eggs. The pancakes are topped with a Lingonberry compote and butter and are sure to be quite filling. Don’t forget to take advantage of their fresh squeezed juices and their unlimited berry station!

For the full menu click here.

Ghostfish Brewery:

Owners Randy Schroeder and Brian Thiel were drinking buddies who loved getting together to make custom home brews. Brian’s wife, Amber, was diagnosed with Celiac disease and that’s when they decided to create the best gluten free beer there ever was. Enter Jason Yerger. Jason was known to be the best gluten free brewer around all the forums and he happened to be looking for a new start in his life. Randy and Brian sent an email to Jason, coordinate to taste Jason’s brew, and the rest is history. The three partners are now making the best gluten free beer this food blogger has ever tasted. Here’s a breakdown of what we had:

  • Meteor Shower (Blonde Ale) – A lightly hopped easy drinking Ale, with a honey-like malt sweetness and flavors of melon from German perle hops.
  • Shrouded Summit (Belgian White Ale) – Gold-medalist, a proper wheat beer without any of the wheat or barley.
  • Vanishing Point (Pale Ale) – A true, hoppy American Pale Ale.
  • Grapefruit IPA (India Pale Ale) – Winner of multiple awards, this IPA is quite unique, striking the perfect balance between bitter and citric.
  • Watchstander (Stout) – Seriously roasted stout with a thickness you wouldn’t believe.
  • Peak Buster (Double IPA) – Strong IPA with strong passion fruit and pine accents.

For a list of their flagship beers, click here.

Capitol Cider:

As a food blogger, every so often we come across places that simply blow our minds. A mixed bag of emotions takes over and you turn to mush. Capitol Cider is one of the few places we can say have accomplished such a feat. The first dedicated Cider bar in Seattle leaves no stone unturned. A great cider selection is just the cherry on top of their absolutely unrivaled entirely gluten free menu. Sitting there, in that dimly lit booth, I only wished for one thing… a second stomach so I could continue sampling items the rest of the items on the menu.
Offering music downstairs in the Ballast Bar every Monday night. Could this be any more perfect. I might pack up my things and move to Capitol Hill just to eat here every week.

Cheese curds – gooey and crunchy served with apple butter
Habanero cider – spicy and a bit sweet
Fish and chips – blend of brown and white rice flour for buttermilk dipping EXTRA CRISPY served with tartar sauce and home made ketchup and Appel cider vinegar
Gluten free fried chicken (side) – as crispy (if not crispier) than the Fish and Chips with a bit of a kick.
Buttermilk cheesecake – The perfect end to your delicious fried meal. This Buttermilk Cheesecake is the perfect blend of creamy and decadent and it melts in your mouth.

Access their brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert menus here.

Veraci Pizza:

Offering gluten free crust, Veraci Pizza makes top notch pizza likes this delicious Seattle Summer special: Roasted peppers, spinach, whole roasted garlic, Beecher’s Flagship on savory red.

Check out their menu by clicking here!


One of the top restaurants in all of Seattle, Japonessa offers a core Japanese cuisine with a Latin kick! Knowledgeable staff will guide you towards the gluten free Miso Soup and are conscious of what rolls contain gluten and which do not. So there is no confusion, they bring you the entire bottle of gluten free soy sauce… you can drench your rolls with confidence. We opted for the Miso Soup, the Mexican Ninja Roll, and a classic Spicy Tuna Roll.

Click here for their menu!



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