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Best Seafood in town: South Beach Seafood Festival 2018

August 30, 2018

SOUTH  BEACH  SEAFOOD  FESTIVAL  IS  BACK,  OCTOBER  16-20,  2018! For  More  Information:  Valerie  Roy,,  786-683-6397 Five  days  of  fun!  The  6th  Annual  South  Beach  Seafood  Festival  is  back  to  take  over Miami  in  October  on  the  sands  of  South  Beach.  This  Florida  seafood  festival  kicks  off  Miami’s  globally-recognized  stone  crab  season  October  16-20,  2018  in  the  best  way  that  South  Beach  knows  how! South  Beach  Seafood  Festival  is  not  your  typical  east  coast  seafood  festival,  but  a  high-end  experience …

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Olla: A Gluten Free tour of Unique Mexican Cuisine

May 4, 2017
Olla Miami Gluten Free Review Munch Miami

A simple Google search for “Miami Beach Mexican Restaurants” will return more than ten establishments within a two block radius! So how do you make yourself stand out from so many competitors? Simply by respecting the authenticity, quality, and diversity of the dishes. Bringing in flavors from Oaxaca to Puebla, and from Yucatan to Veracruz, Olla leaves no stone unturned. Olla’s menu pays homage to your classic Mexican fare, but if you’re expecting a bunch of soft shell tacos stuffed with carnitas, chicken,…

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Sobe Seafood Festival 2016

October 16, 2016

It is with much excitement that the 4th annual South Beach Seafood Week is back kicking off Stone Crab Season in style! With three times the food, three times the experience, and only 1/3rd the wait, get ready for the ultimate seafood extravaganza featuring luxury dining on the sands of South Beach. Tickets can be purchased at with additional information found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter @sobeseafoodfest. USE COUPON CODE ‘MM20’ for 20% off your ticket. The main event, South Beach Seafood…

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