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TEN Spring Water

August 4, 2017
TEN Spring Water Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

TEN Spring Water offers the highest pH water available at 10 pH, and is an optimal combination of alkaline minerals rich with electrolytes, sourced from pure, natural springs. Rich with electrolytes, TEN is sourced and bottled right from pure, natural springs; unlike most bottled water β€” including other alkaline and electrolyte water β€” that is sourced from municipal sources (filtered tap water) or limestone aquifers which can deliver non-absorbable calcium. TEN Spring Water is available in half liter six-packs and one liter bottles at supermarkets throughout the eastern United States, specialty markets and online at for more information.

With so many wonderful benefits, it’s no wonder TEN spring water is becoming growingly popular among athletes and nutritionist all over the world. We’ve had the opportunity to give this water a try and it’s definitely something we’re proud to share with our followers. Visit the link above and try some for yourself.

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