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Helene’s Ice Cream

April 11, 2016

Helene was just a normal law student with an insatiable craving for ice cream, and being under all the heavy pressures of law school didn’t help calm her addiction. Addiction is defined as a condition in which a person engages in an act compulsively, so much so, that it interferes with their daily life. Yes, Helene is an ice cream addict. Realizing she would soon go broke if she continued to purchase copious amounts of ice cream, she did what any former culinary student would do… make her own ice cream… from scratch! What if we told you that these mouthwatering Pints (and half-pints) of local, homemade ice cream are available for purchase right in our own backyard?!

Helene’s ice cream started off as a way to save money but quickly turned into something more. With the helpful push of her close friends she started creating small batches of absolute perfection and selling them to her schoolmates, professors and other school faculty and staff… needless to say, the word spread and now she’s making more than 24 different flavors each one more delicious than the next! On any given day*, from 10a – 7p, you can find Helene rolling a small cooler around “The Bricks” at UM handing out samples, selling to hardcore fans and spreading the word about her ice cream.

Really just one taste of her delicious, rich and creamy ice cream will make you a store bought convert in no time! In fact, you’ll never want to buy another pint of store-bought ice cream again! Each flavor is meticulously crafted and unique… I mean, have you ever had Buttered Popcorn flavored ice cream? What about Guava and Cream Cheese? You won’t find flavors like these at your local grocery’s freezer aisle… that’s for sure!

Recommended Helene’s Ice Cream Flavors:

It was pretty hard to pick our favorite flavors, and limiting ourselves to just two or three was really just a courtesy to our readers… this article could have gone on and on.

That being said, our absolute favorite flavor had to be Pistachio. Now, this isn’t your run of the mill Pistachio Ice cream. What’s unique about Helene’s Pistachio Ice cream isn’t that it’s “flavored” like Pistachio, but rather filled to the brim with Helene’s home-made Pistachio paste. Every single spoonful is loaded with flavor and it actually seems to get better and better every single time you take a scoop.

Helene's ice cream Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

If you’re not partial to nutty flavors, that’s okay…here’s a list of our other favorite flavors. Trust us when we say you can’t go wrong with any of the below selections.

  • Buttered Popcorn
  • Guava and Cheese
  • Rum Raisin
  • Double Chocolate Espresso

Helene's ice cream Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

For those who don’t fancy ice cream or custard (or those who are lactose intolerant), Helene’s Ice Cream also offers a variety of Sorbets, like Piña Colada and Orange Dreamsicle, that are just as decadent.

Helene's ice cream Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

Give your taste buds a gift and treat yourself to some Helene’s Ice Cream. It’s perfectly priced, compact enough to take in a small cooler to the beach, and worth the trip just to say hi to Helene.

*Make sure to follow Helene on Facebook and Instagram to find out where she’ll be!


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