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March 20, 0009
Written by Munch Miami contributor: Carlos Tagliafico from That Palate

Elegance, dedication, and commitment to quality is what makes UgoGelato in Brickell stand out from the rest. Bringing a piece of Sicily to our doorstep, the owners Hugo Biondo and Maria Biondo, an Italian-Venezuelan family, have a passion for first-class ingredients and tedious preparation. Maria Biondo, a second generation Sicilian Gelato maker, was born into an Italian family of Gelataios; passing down the tricks of the trade down from generation to generation.

The most important thing for Hugo and Maria is the quality of the ingredients. They are literally bringing a piece of Italy to Miami. At UgoGelato, the focus is on importing the best ingredients from Sicily; from their selection of nuts, chocolates and bases, to the toppings for your Gelato.

By knowing a little about the owners, you will understand the passion that goes in to your food… but enough of that and let’s get straight the point. If you have favorite Pistachio Gelato, I will ask you to rethink your options and try UgoGelato’s… we guarantee it will become your new favorite flavor.

Their dedication to detail in taking care of their ingredients made us feel confident to try them. As you know when the topic of gluten is at hand… there is no playing it safe. However, the level of detail in explaining the ingredients led me to dig in and focus on the decadence and quality of the flavors. The owners keep a table of ingredients handy, to show customers all their gluten free options which we can confidently say is about 85% of the menu.
Located in the heart of brickell, (close to the beautiful brickell city center), a perfect option to enjoy a fantastic Gelato and have a nice walk through the city.

UgoGelato is located at:

169 SW 7th St. Miami, FL 33130

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