The Salty Donut

January 16, 2016

Miami’s culinary scene has always been a little late to the party. Not until the past couple of years did we begin seeing gourmet coffee, cold pressed juices, artisanal breads and now, finally, artisanal donuts!

Donuts are probably one of the simplest pleasures you can enjoy, and one of the hardest to say goodbye to when starting a gluten-free lifestyle. Luckily, with the entrance of The Salty Donut (an artisanal donut shop located in the Wynwood District) us gluten-free folk can finally enjoy a sweet treat without a second thought.

The Salty Donut -- Munch Miami

Gluten-Free Apple Cider and Baked Chocolate Donut — Stacked

Owners (and South Florida natives), Amanda Pizarro and Andy Rodriguez, noticed a gap in the market about two years ago. While traveling across the US, they noticed that most major cities offered a variety of artisanal donut shoppes except for Miami. They began building the idea and partnered up with Executive Pastry Chef (and food genius) Max Santiago, and The Salty Donut was born!

The Salty Donut -- Munch Miami

Munch Miami interviewing Chef Max Santiago

While they wait for construction to be finalized on their brick and mortar store (projected to open Spring 2016), The Salty Donut has set up a pop-up shop in a vintage trailer painted white and blue located across the street from their future location in the Wynwood Arcade. The small shop has managed to create quite the buzz, and has everyone lining up to try the most creative, mouthwatering donuts Miami has ever tasted.

The Salty Donut -- Munch Miami

The Salty Donut Trailer

The Salty Donut has found the perfect recipe for their gluten-free donuts by making them both spongy and moist… two words you don’t usually hear used in the same sentence when referring to gluten-free foods. To top it all off, the flavors are constantly changing, showcasing a new gluten-free donut every one to two weeks. The menu is heavily influenced by holidays and seasons and so far, they’ve featured the following flavors:

  • Baked Chocolate Cake — Roasted cocoa nibs, rich chocolate devils food, salted ganache Belgian chocolate, and Turnbinado sugar (to add crunch)
  • Baked Spiced Pumpkin — Pumpkin glaze topped with caramelized pumpkin seeds (aka “pepitas”)
  • Spiced Apple Cider — Apple Cider, Spiced Vanilla, Cinnamon
The Salty Donut -- Munch Miami

Gluten-Free Baked Chocolate Cake Donuts

For those not worried about gluten, the best selling donuts are Boston Kreme and Maple Bacon.

The Salty Donut -- Munch Miami

For a full selection, check out their most recent menu:

The Salty Donut -- Munch Miami


Future gluten-free flavors that we can’t wait to try include Baked Carrot Cake and Maple Bacon. Once the store-front is operational, the plan is to offer breakfast (including a gluten-free banana nut muffin) and gourmet coffee (courtesy of Intelligentsia Coffee). The reason for this is so the customers don’t have to go anywhere else for their breakfast needs. A savory donut menu is also in the works and the sky is the limit… a pizza donut? a grilled cheese donut, who knows? However, one thing is for sure… The Salty Donut is one place worth checking out!

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