January 22, 2017

Elegance. This is the first thought that crosses anyone’s mind as soon as they walk through the doors of Tamarina. Furnished with dark wood, brass accents, antique mirrors, and marble, this glamorous Italian restaurant is redefining the fine dining experience and brings another level of chic sophistication to the table.

Specializing in coastal Italian cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean, Tamarina selects the highest quality seasonal ingredients and prepares them in such a way that allows the natural flavors to speak for themselves. We can thank Chef Alex Diaz and Chef Valerio Accolla for the genius behind every meal. Their attention to detail from ingredient selection, to cooking methodology and finally to presentation is simply incomparable.

Recommended Dishes:

We went the adventurous route during this meal and decided to start off with an order of the Crudo tasting for two. Prepared with the chef’s selection of the day (Hamachi pictured below), sliced into thin, melt-in-your-mouth slices, decorated with avocado relish and forest fruits vinegar.

After the Hamachi Crudo we delved into the Grilled Octopus. Topped with grilled baby artichokes with fennel and drizzled with a creamy aioli sauce that guarantees each meaty bite is chock-full of flavor.

The Munch Miami favorite definitely had to be the (you guessed it) 16-hour sous vide Pork Belly. The meat is beyond tender thanks to the amount of time it is cooked. Marinated with bacon, berries, and Mustard seeds, it is perfectly salty and sweet. If you try just one thing, this definitely has to be it!

To go with our Fregolotto, we had this deep dark Black Ink Risotto garnished with fresh sliced calamari. We were convinced the combination wouldn’t taste great together, but boy were we wrong. This risotto actually helped bring out the flavors of the Fregolotto and vice versa! If you’re a big fan of risotto, this is the dish for you.

Next, we had a true treat and a rarity in all of Miami, the Jamon Iberico. This Spanish delicacy is given some pretty VIP treatment before finding it’s way to your plate, and is probably one of the chefs true prides. Served with a roasted head of garlic, the only accompaniment this dish needs. We suggest taking your knife, scooping up some of the creamy garlic, and spreading it over a slice of the ham before taking a bite.

Finally, we finished our dinner off with some very light dessert, a Creme Brûlée that’s also served as a bit of entertainment. The sugar is beautifully flambeed in front of your very eyes and it is the perfect ending to any luxurious dinner. This could be paired with a scoop of their homemade gelato (flavor varies every day).

All in all, a gorgeous interior, paired with delightful and knowledgeable staff, located in the heart of Brickell, boasting an exquisite and mouthwatering menu. Sounds too good to be true, but we assure you it’s even better!

Tamarina is located at:

600 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131

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