Plant Food + Wine

September 5, 2016

The team at Matthew Kenney Culinary does a great job of silencing any thoughts that vegan food is bland and boring. Their new location in Wynwood, Plant Food + Wine, brings a new twist to the Miami vegan food scene; it’s truly a raw and vegan (and gluten free) haven. The Sacred Space Miami is the perfect setting for this establishment as it boasts a positive and serene atmosphere and serves as a mecca of personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. The menu at Plant Food + Wine has been carefully curated to include an array of dishes to satisfy anyone’s tastebuds. To add to their uniqueness, every guest receives a full tour of the restaurant and kitchen, a full education on the contents and nutrients in your food, as well as a backstage tour of the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy. The foods they serve are nutrient dense and left us feeling fully satisfied and satiated.

Recommended Plant Food + Wine Dishes:

Our experience started with two handcrafted tequila cocktails: “The Vagabond” (using 100% agave tequila instead of grait) and the “Entiendes Mendes.” Both very refreshing. “The Vagabond” is a sweet concoction, made with strawberry, ginger, and fennel while the “Entiendes Mendes” adds a bit of a kick with some jalapeños, lime, herb liqueur, cucumber, and agave.

For The Table, we were treated to the surprisingly delicious Kimchi Dumplings, made with dehydrated cilantro leaves and a cashew purée.

Munch Miami Reviews Plant Food + Wine Gluten-Free

Carefully prepping the Kimchi Dumplings

As a second starter, we sampled the Flora Artisanal Cheese plate which consisted of handcrafted vegan cheeses made of sprouted and cultured nuts and accompanied by a papaya jam and sunflower crackers. At first, I have to admit we were hesitant but after the first bite we were converted. Each “cheese” really does have a unique flavor just like real cheese. The consistency varies but our favorite was the blue cheese.

Munch Miami Reviews Plant Food + Wine Gluten-Free

Flora Artisanal Cheese (Drink: The Vagabond)

The final shareable For The Table was the Bahn Mi Lettuce Wraps. Large hand-selected leafs are stuffed with smoked chili-almond pate, Napa cabbage, pickled Daikok and red pepper. Beautifully presented like everything else at Plant Food + Wine.

Munch Miami Reviews Plant Food + Wine Gluten-Free

Bahn Mi Lettuce Wraps

Now we can move on to the Mains section of the menu to showcase our absolute favorite dish: Cacio e Pepe. A unique, vegan take on the Italian classic, the Cacio e Pepe at Plant Food + Wine uses Kelp Noodles in the place of pasta and seasons it perfectly using baby brassica, green olive purée, and sundried olives. The explosion of flavor is intense and is the main reason why we pick this dish as our favorite.


Cacio e Pepe

At this point in the meal, we were already pretty full and almost at capacity so we asked for a smaller portion of their Coconut Ceviche Tacos. This dish was particularly interesting and flavorful. The tacos are filled with marinated chunks of coconut which give the taco and meatiness very similar to actual meat. The sunflower chorizo is a bit spicy and gives this vegan taco an uncanny resemblance to a real Mexican chorizo taco. The Pico de Gallo and the Lime Crema are the perfect finish to this creation… Ask for a side of the Lime Crema, you’re going to want some more!


Coconut Ceviche Tacos

The final main course in our experience at Plant Food + Wine was the Zucchini Lasagna. Layers upon layers of heirloom tomatoes, thinly sliced zucchini, and spicy marinara, held together by a macadamia ricotta and topped with a basil-mint Pesto. We don’t know how they managed to keep this dish from toppling over, but it is truly an architectural masterpiece. However, in order to eat it, you’re going to have to destroy it. This dish our second favorite.

Munch Miami Reviews Plant Food + Wine Gluten-Free

Zucchini Lasagna (Drink: Entiendes Mendes)

Even though at this point we couldn’t even think about having another bite, there’s always room for dessert. The Key Lime Brûlée is the perfect end to your meal. Almond crusted key lime squares complemented by Vanilla Maca ice cream, topped with a homemade caramel sauce. Just the right amount of sweetness and a masterpiece to look at.


Key Lime Brulee

There are very few places in Miami where you can have such a unique experience and education while dining out. Matthew Kenney is truly crafting the food of the future. To understand more of his mission and the drive behind his company be sure to watch his Ted Talk. Also, don’t forget to check out their Miami Spice Menu to get this full experience at a great price!

Plant Food + Wine is located at:

105 NE 24th Street Miami, FL 33137

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