Pisco y Nazca

March 13, 2016

In Peru, they have a saying: “Entre Pisco y Nazca.” Chef Miguel (born in Iquitos, Peru) describes it as “having fun and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones in a social atmosphere — exactly what the restaurant creates!”

We had the pleasure of interviewing the Chef and enjoying their magnificent cuisine and inviting atmosphere. They are very much a fun, vibrant gastrobar, showcasing Peruvian cuisine. The service, the taste of the food, the decor… everything was above and beyond our expectations! This is the type of restaurant that allows guests to feel at home regardless of time of day or dress attire.

The owners always envisioned a Peruvian restaurant with a phenomenal atmosphere and a large beer selection. Combining some of the best elements from their sister restaurant Bulla Gastrobar, the owners and Chef have created a very dynamic, fun and exciting menu. The restaurant prides themselves on not using MSG in any of their dishes and best of all, there are many gluten-free options** that are marked in the menu with yellow GF letters next to the names of the dishes.

Recommended Pisco y Nazca dishes:

Our experience started with the “Jalapeño Huacatay Ceviche”: a very tasty and different ceviche, made with salmon instead of mahi, resting on a delicious jalapenño leche de tigre:

Munch Miami Reviews Pisco Y Nazca -- Gluten-free Peruvian Food

Jalapeño Huacatay Ceviche

The next item on the list was highly recommended by the staff and we were not disappointed. From the “La Previa” section of the menu, the “Chalaca” are cooked green lip mussels covered in aji amarillo, chalaca sauce, onions, and tomatoes marinated in lime juice… It’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before. The perfect balance of spicy and sweet with an added “crunch” from the cancha topping:

Munch Miami Reviews Pisco Y Nazca -- Gluten-free Peruvian Food


For the main course, the manager hand selected the “Churrascazo” since it was one of his personal favorites and is one of their best-selling dishes. Grilled aged angus skirt steak, lima bean tacu-tacu, and salsa criolla combine to make an unforgettable dish. To make it gluten-free friendly, the chimichurri sauce was removed:

Munch Miami Reviews Pisco Y Nazca -- Gluten-free Peruvian Food


To accompany our meal, we enjoyed a few Omission gluten-free beers as well as a house-favorite Nena’s Chilcano cocktail (Pisco Cuatro Gallos, lychee purée, fresh lime, elderflower, hibiscus syrup, Fever-Tree ginger beer):

Munch Miami Reviews Pisco Y Nazca -- Gluten-free Peruvian Food

Nena’s Chilcano

The “Chocolate Dome” is the ultimate way to close off the evening. The dessert is quite an experience. A perfectly shaped chocolate dome is brought out along with a side of molten hot white chocolate. This is then drizzled on top of the dome. As it melts away it reveals home-made vanilla ice cream topped with caramelized popcorn sitting atop a sweet potato custard:

Munch Miami Reviews Pisco Y Nazca -- Gluten-free Peruvian Food

The Chocolate Dome

Located in the suburban West Kendall area (and soon in Downtown Doral), Pisco y Nazca is a hidden gem everyone should check out. Reservations are easily done on the Pisco y Nazca site or on OpenTable.

Pisco y Nazca is located at:

8405 Mills Dr #260, Miami, FL 33183

**Although Pisco y Nazca doesn’t have an exclusive gluten-free preparation area, The risk of cross-contamination is very low. They have four compartment fryers and all products containing gluten (such as breaded fish and empanadas) have their own separate fryer.

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