Manna Life Food

April 2, 2016

Manna is defined as “divinely supplied spiritual nourishment” and that’s what the good folks at Manna Life Food strive to provide the local community every day. This superfood juice bar & plant based café located inside the Alfred L. Dupont Building in Downtown Miami, is a sanctuary for those trying to find a quiet place to re-center themselves mentally and spiritually, while feeding their body healthy, all-organic, freshly made cuisine.

Manna Life Food Gluten Free

One of the largest driving factors behind opening this establishment was to not only provide the consumers with plant-based health foods, but also to provide them a wealth of knowledge and skills that could last them a lifetime. From the minute you walk in, the decoration and staff are there to provide an answer to any possible nutrition based question you may have. All around the café you can find giant posters explaining the benefits of each naturally occurring superfood often used in their ingredients. Manna Life Food believes that knowledge is the first step to any healthy lifestyle or dietary change, and they want to make sure you leave their café more informed than when you came in.

Manna Life Food Gluten Free

Manna aims to bring you good, clean, healthy food without sacrificing flavor… and that’s exactly what they do. It was an unexpectedly pleasant surprise how delicious the food is, and what’s even better is that 100% of the items they sell are gluten-free! (It even says it on the menu)

Recommended Manna Life Food selections:

When Planning your visit, we recommend trying out their fresh made soup of the day and pretty much anything made with their homemade vegan arepas.

Manna Life Food Gluten Free

Manna Life Food Gluten Free

If you’re an environmentally conscious individual and care about how restaurants serve their dishes and manage their waste, you’ll be happy to know that absolutely everything from the serving plates, utensils and even the jars they serve their cold pressed juices in are recyclable.

Manna Life Food Gluten Free

The folks at Manna really thought of everything and didn’t leave any healthy stone unturned. This little café is a great place to sit in serenity, network with the community, or make a quick stop for a healthy bite. Whatever your reason for visiting, we guarantee you’ll leave feeling like a whole new person.

Manna Life Food is located at:

80 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33132

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