Jackson Hall: Miami’s top healthy restaurants

July 9, 2018

Jackson Hall is one of the newest establishments to open up in Miami! This destination focuses on health and wellness, so it’s not your usual public food hall. With future plans to build a hydroponic farm on the roof and over five healthy food vendors, you can see that conscious living is the mission of the Jackson Hall. There’s a little something that each person can enjoy here with various cuisines and even an apothecary and bar (Radiate) led by a holistic nutritionist. Some of our favorites include Levante, Charcoal, and, of course, della bowls. The entire food hall is filled with gluten free options for the health-conscious as well as the celiac crowd.

Aside from the awesome vendors here, there are also events in Miami through out the week like ice cream socials and vegan drink happy hours. Planning a group outing to check out this new destination is a great idea for a weekend excursion in Miami!

If you’re looking to enjoy some food and drinks at Jackson Hall, hiring transportation is a great way to introduce some organization into your night out. When you’re with a group, often times you’re limited to driving yourself or ordering a ride share service. Those aren’t the only options, and they surely aren’t the best. Small sedans and SUVs can be a tight fit for a group, and they surely don’t have the amenities on board that party buses and limousines do! With a party bus or limousine rental, you have room to socialize and enjoy the presence of your friends while you’re on the road. It doesn’t have to be a large financial commitment either, it’s quite easy to split the cost with the people in attendance!

Jackson Hall boasts a lot of potential enjoyment for those seeking to live in a healthier and more conscious manner. Transportation can elevate your first experience here to make sure you have an enjoyable night without worry of parking and traffic.

Jackson Hall is located at:

Second Floor, 1050 NW 14th St, Miami, FL 33136

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