Daily Ritual Finds It’s Place at Yellow Green Farmers Market

February 28, 2018
Daily Ritual - Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

NY creative Liora Simpson falls for Yellow Green Farmers Market while on vacay and decides, this is where Daily Ritual must make its debut.

Knowing where she wanted to be was easy, but knowing what she wanted to sell was going to be the hard part. “They’re a lot of vendors here, and I wanted to do something different. I wanted to hit all the bells for as many people as possible. The picky eaters, the gluten free consumer, the vegetarians and I wanted something I would eat myself while being proud to serve it”. Said passionately, it was clear for her and for me she wanted to please people and be at service for her patrons. “What’s more well rounded than an egg?” as she laughed “well it’s not round, but you get what I mean, who doesn’t love eggs?” Well, we know there might be a few that don’t; Liora felt in the hot climate of Florida what could be better than an egg anytime of the day and thus Daily Ritual’s Menu was created.

You-Gotta-Frittata! Has been the mantra Liora and her sister Jordana would sing. “It’s like hakuna matata from the Lion King! It makes you happy singing it” and as silly as it seemed a few months ago. These past few weeks Daily Ritual is now serving Frittatas and what they call Frittatawiches (a frittata sandwich) all made with organic milk and cage free eggs. For the meat eaters there’s hand cured nitrate free bacon & scratch-made sausage, a huge list of flavor combinations for vegetarians and for the few we mentioned earlier that may not like an egg…well there’s a 1/4 pound slab of bacon laced with salted caramel, chocolate and 24K gold! It’s called #piggybank! Really? Seriously? And Liora says cool “animated egg” T-shirts for purchase are coming!

We are happy to have Daily Ritual as part of the market. The booth is beautiful and it’s clear that Liora wants to be here! We look forward to watching her business grow and we invite you to visit Daily Ritual’s outside cafe at booth 471.


Daily Ritual is Located at:

1940 N 30th Rd, Hollywood, FL 33021
Booth 471 (outside)

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