Cream Parlor

December 5, 2016

When Ainsley & Johnny Tsokos decided to open up Cream Parlor, they wanted to open a place that was an extension of their home. With fun knickknacks hanging on the walls and family heirlooms sprinkled among them, you really feel like you’re inside a fun quirky little house and Ainsley & Johnny are there welcoming you with open arms.


Quaint and Cozy sitting area

Cream Parlor is a place for little and big kids alike, and you’ll definitely find something for any craving you might have in mind. With plenty of menu items to choose from, whatever the occasion, Cream Parlor has got you covered.

Recommended Dishes:

Hearing so many good things about Cream Parlor’s regular menu items, we decided to stop by for some brunch and see what all the hubbub was about. Upon our arrival, we informed Johnny that we have a very specific gluten free dietary restriction and he assured us that we would be in good hands. He provided some suggestions, and based on his excitement of the dishes we went ahead and ordered the items he recommended.

We started off with some scrambled eggs with cheese, a side of bacon, and a small spinach tomato salad. What’s important to note about this dish, is that it’s not on their regular menu but Johnny and team went the extra mile to accommodate our needs so that we could enjoy ourselves at their restaurant just like anyone else.

Cream Parlor - Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

Scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, & a spinach tomato salad

Of course, no breakfast is complete without some coffee, so we paired ours with a classic Latte presented with some beautiful foam on the top, and one of Cream Parlors newest creations: the Coffee Cherry Elixir. Made with Espresso, Tonic, and a balance of cherry, this unique twist to the classic iced coffee really blows the competition out of the water. If you’re in an adventurous mood, we definitely recommend you give this beautiful drink a try.

Cream Parlor - Munch Miami Gluten Free Review


Cream Parlor - Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

Coffee Cherry Elixir

Next we had two selections from the ‘Shareables, Sides & Bowls‘ section of their menu: The Warm Curried Chickpeas and the Feta and Kalamata Olives Smashed Potatoes. Both generously portioned, perfect for sharing, and ripe with flavor, these two dishes are proof of the level of versatility Cream Parlor has to offer. Not just an ice-cream parlor, but a source for healthy inspiration.

Cream Parlor - Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

Warm Curried Chickpeas

Cream Parlor - Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

Feta and Kalamata Olives Smashed Potatoes

We followed the two shareable plates with the Sriracha Lentils Over Kale with Goat Cheese and Tomatoes! This luscious, rich, green plate tastes as good as it looks. Crunchy, flavorful, slightly spicy, and refreshing. It’s a great prequel to the masterpiece that is their ice cream selection…

Cream Parlor - Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

Sriracha Lentils Over Kale with Goat Cheese and Tomatoes

Boy can we talk about their dessert! Cream Parlor has, what we considered to be, some of the best tasting ice cream in Miami… their flavors are really second to none. Decadent, creamy, and filled with some unique toppings… you really must visit and try for yourself.


Behind the counter…

You’re definitely not going to see your run-of-the-mill ice cream flavors here and you definitely shouldn’t come here with those basic flavors in mind. Ask them what their favorites are, and you’ll definitely get a surprise worth making multiple visits over.

Cream Parlor - Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

Ice Cream: Up All Night Coffee, Vanilla Bean with Nutella, Purple Rain

Our favorite had to be the Prince-inspired Purple Rain flavor: Raspberry ice cream with raspberry-filled mini chocolate cups, sprinkled with dehydrated rose petals. The two flavors are notorious for being the perfect pair and that couldn’t be more true in this little piece of heaven. We’re 100% convinced “I Wanna Be Your Lover” is an ode to this ice cream flavor!

Cream Parlor - Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

Purple rain, purple rain…

Our second favorite had to be their custom made Mint Chocolate Milkshake loaded with chunks of chocolate and mini York peppermint patties*. Very minty and very chocolaty and guaranteed to take you to “a world of never ending happiness, where you can always see the sun, day or night!”

***In order to make this ice cream gluten free, remove the mini york patties as they may have been cross-contaminated.
Cream Parlor - Munch Miami Gluten Free Review

Mint Chocolate Milkshake

Cream Parlor is a fun, relaxed, and friendly little ice-cream parlor offering an experience that will have you coming back for more. Not only are the owners and staff very friendly, but they’re super helpful and willing to work with you on whatever needs you may have. We really enjoyed our time here and we can’t wait to come back for some more of that purple rain… not going is definitely a reason “Dove’s Cry”.

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