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Brunch at Pisco y Nazca

February 17, 2017

Pisco y Nazca’s new brunch menu is boasting with gluten free options! (check out their dinner menu review here). Served on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Pisco’s prix-fixe lunch offers delicious options and hefty portions at $25 per person, with an optional bottomless drink option for an extra $15.

Brunch Favorites:

The brunch menu is broken down into four sections. Before you make your selections, be sure to get some bottomless drinks. We opted for the Sangria Brava and the Sangria Peruana to start! Then, get ready to pick three great dishes (plus dessert) all at an unbeatable price! Below are our favorites from each of those sections:

Sangria - Pizco y Nazca Munch Miami Gluten Free Brunch Review

Bottomless — Sangria Brava and Sangria Peruana

Potatoes & Eggs

Cholo Benedicto, a unique twist on an American brunch classic. Pisco switched out the English Muffin base with a sweet plantain cake* (not originally gluten free — be sure to ask if they can make it gluten free when you visit) topped with pork belly chicharrón, queso fresco, a classic poached egg, and a rocoto hollandaise sauce. Chefs Miguel’s take on the Eggs Benedict is definitely unique, and if you’re a fan of an ooey gooey poached egg, you’ll definitely enjoy giving this a try.

Choclo Benedicto - Pisco y Nazca Munch Miami Gluten Free Brunch Review

Choclo Benedicto

The Causa de Pancita wonderfully combines pork belly, causa, panca hollandaise, chalaquita, and you guessed it, a poached egg! This makes for a great hangover recovery dish, and is a great way to kick your brunch into high gear. One of our favorites… you gotta try it!

Causa de Pancita - Pisco y Nazca - Munch Miami Gluten Free Brunch Review

Causa de Pancita

Small Plates

Next, we ordered two ceviches from the Small Plates section of the brunch menu. Ceviche isn’t your regular brunch menu item, but considering you’re at one of the top Peruvian restaurants of Miami, you can’t leave without having some ceviche.

The Ceviche Tradicional is made with mahi, classic leche de tigre, cancha, choclo, and sweet potato. Classic taste that’s tangy in flavor with a zesty kick of lime in every bite. If you enjoy a classic ceviche, the Tradicional is the choice for you.

Ceviche Tradicional - Pisco y Nazca Munch Miami Gluten Free Brunch Review

Ceviche Tradicional

The Ceviche Cremoso is loaded with mahi, shrimp, creamy leche de tigre, celery, habanero, and sweet potato, this ceviche is a great spicy alternative to the classic. It is hands down our favorite… especially when loaded with canchita.

Ceviche Cremoso - Pisco y Nazca - Munch Miami Gluten Free Brunch Review

Ceviche Cremoso

Large Plates

Well folks, we hope you still have room for your third course! We weren’t joking when we said their portions were generous! Next, we ordered two Chaufa’s from their Large Plate Menu. These traditionally come with regular soy sauce, so make sure you check with the head chef to confirm they have gluten free soy sauce in the kitchen for these two plates.

Chaufa de Pollo - Pisco y Nazca Munch Miami Gluten Free Brunch Review

Chaufa de Pollo

The Chaufa de Mariscos and Chaufa de Pollo are a delicious type of Peruvian fried rice. Both are piled high with rice, fried eggs, veggies, and the protein of choice. Both variations were absolutely delicious and come with enough rice you can save some for a nice midnight snack.

Chaufa de Mariscos - Pisco y Nazca Munch Miami Gluten Free Brunch Review

Chaufa de Mariscos


You’ve made it to the finish line… Congratulations! There is no better way to celebrate than by ordering yourself this absolutely delicious Suspiro! This dulce de leche custard is topped with a beautiful fluff of meringue and drizzled with a passion fruit glaze. It has a combination of sweet and tangy that really helps finish your Saturday or Sunday brunch feast the perfect way.

Suspiro - Pisco y Nazca Munch Miami Gluten Free Brunch Review


If you’re tired of pancakes and waffles in your brunch routine, look no further than Pisco y Nazca. They really strive to serve up something different from the norm and they’re definitely up for the challenge when it comes to competing for your stomach… and for an added bonus, be sure to ask the hostess to sit you at one of Julio’s tables… not only is he charismatic and courteous, but very knowledgeable about what menu items contain gluten. There’s no arguing about it… you must add Brunch at Pisco to your foodie list!

Pisco y Nazca Doral is located at: 

8551 NW 53rd St, #A101, Doral, FL 33166

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