Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Gluten Free Review

October 26, 2015
Epcot International Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Gluten Free Review

Located in Orlando, FL, is Disney’s Epcot theme park. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the International Food & Wine Festival festival (September 25th – November 16th) and they really made an effort to accommodate their menu/dishes for the gluten sensitive crowd, by adding a “(GF)” next to every gluten free option inside their “passport.” You can also find the menu on their website including the participating countries and their respective selections. If you’re Celiac or living a gluten free lifestyle, this guide can help you prepare for an epic trip to one of the most magical places in the world.

Our journey started at the “Desserts & Champagne” marketplace and we worked our way counter-clockwise around the lake (map). 

Desserts & Champagne:

  • Chocolate Cherry Explosion (gluten free)
    • Rating: B
    • Price: $3.75
    • Review: A rich chocolate mousse with a hint of cherry and a crushed nut border. It is topped with a chocolate covered cherry and a striped milk chocolate straw. It was very tasty although a little small.

Chocolate Cherry Explosion -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review

Dominican Republic:

  • Lechón Asado (gluten free)
    • Rating: A-
    • Price: $4.50
    • Review: One of my favorite things in the entire festival; roasted pork with mangú, pickled red onion and avocado. The mashed plantain (or mangú) was very creamy with very small chunks of plantain. The roasted pork was very well seasoned and taste a bit of lime. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Frozen Sugar Cane Cocktail
    • Rating: C
    • Price: $9
    • Review: This slushy-like sugar cane drink was okay at best. It is made with Ron Barceló Blanco Rum and it was very small and not worth the price. Generally speaking, rums are naturally gluten free as long as they have no added flavoring, so this is safe.

Dominican Republic -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review

Cheese Studio:

  • Sweet Goat Cheese Panna Cotta with Guava Gellé (gluten free)
    • Rating: F
    • Price: $2.50
    • Review: By far the worst food item I tried in the whole festival. Luckily it was only $2.50 so I don’t feel like I threw away too much money. Cold, juicy, and jelly-like cheese topped with a not-so-sweet guava paste. Stay away.

Cheese Studio -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review


  • Greek Salad in a Cone (gluten free)
    • Rating: B+
    • Price: $3.25
    • Review: Very refreshing and also vegetarian! It is served in a paper cone so you can eat comfortably as you walk around the park. Ingredients include: shredded lettuce, onions, olives, cucumber, and feta cheese; light dressing.

Greece -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review


  • Crispy Pork Belly with Black Beans and Tomato (gluten free)
    • Rating: A+
    • Price: $5.50
    • Review: My favorite thing in Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival continues to be the Pork Belly. I look forward to this stand year after year. Fried crispy to perfection, with the perfect amount of fat, served on a bed of black beans and tomatoes, garnished with a side of parsley; my mouth is watering as I’m writing this. Get this without fail, you won’t regret it.
  • Pão de Queijo: Brazilian Cheese Bread (not pictured) (gluten free)
    • Rating: B+
    • Price: $3.50
    • Review: Homemade and also vegetarian, this brazilian cheese bread is the perfect companion for the pork belly. However, I find it to be a bit overpriced; for $3.50 you get 2 pieces of bread (about 1-1.5 inches in diameter each). If you’re not on a budget, then go ahead and get it as it is part of the experience, otherwise, you can opt out.

Brazil -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review

Farm Fresh:

  • Griddled “Yard Bird” with Braised Greens and House-Made Habanero Sauce (not pictured) (gluten free)
    • Rating: C-
    • Price: $4.50
    • Review: I wasn’t overly impressed with the dish as a whole. The chicken was not as crispy as I’d hoped, the collard greens were a little thick (almost gooey), and the habanero sauce was not at all spicy. I would not recommend this.


  • Hard Cider Flight (the flight comes with 4 smaller sampler cups, you can also buy the full size)(gluten free)
    • Price: $10.25

Farm Fresh -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review

  • Woodchuck Raspberry Hard Cider (gluten free)
    • Rating: B+
    • Price (individual): $3.75
    • Review: Has that peculiar “woodchuck” trademark taste with a hint of raspberry. It is a bit sweeter than I remember other Woodchuck Hard Ciders being; almost like a sweet white wine.

Farm Fresh -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review

  • Two Henrys Elderberry Hard Cider (gluten free)
    • Rating: D
    • Price (individual): $3.75
    • Review: I had never heard of Two Henrys before, but (their Elderberry Hard Cider taught me) what I learned with their Elderberry Hard Cider is that if you’re feeling tired or are already drunk, it’s this cider’s bitterness is sure to wake you right up. It is one of the top 5 worst ciders I have ever tried in my life. I wish I wouldn’t have gotten it as part of the Hard Cider Flight. I hope the company reads this and recalls all of these Elderberry ciders. It tastes like medicine.. pretty gross.

Farm Fresh -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review

  • Wyder’s® Dry Pear Hard Cider (gluten free)
    • Rating: B
    • Price (individual): $3.75
    • Review: Wyder’s is one of the more respected cider brands and what I like about it most is that it is not too sweet and very crisp. Nothing unique here as you can get this cider anywhere, but it is a pretty solid choice.

Farm Fresh -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review

  • ACE Hard Pumpkin Cider (gluten free)
    • Rating: C+
    • Price (individual): $3.75
    • Review: The pumpkin flavor of this ACE Hard Cider is a bit overpowering. If you really like pumpkin, then this is the cider for you.. but you have to REALLY like the pumpkin flavor. It is almost like a pumpkin juice with a hint of cider. It is not a crisp cider at all and it is very, very sweet. However, the Tap Handle (and all of their tap handles for that matter) is very cool.

Farm Fresh -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review



Mexico -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review



Australia -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review

Australia -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review



Sustainable Chew:

Sustainable Chew -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review



Chew Lab:

Chew Lab -- Epcot Food and Wine 2015 -- MunchMiami Review


Must Check Out:


  • Belgium
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hawaii
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Morocco
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • South Korea

You can also find an extensive review, pictures and GF options in this companion website also has an extensive review of the whole menu,including pictures and gluten free options.

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